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Trust me, I think about going to bed early all the time. It is something I know my body needs. I guess I need to relinquish the anxiety I have over feeling that I will not have enought "me time" if I do so. I guess technically getting sleep is "me time", but not in the capacity that I have been used to thinking of. I have been thinking about a re-do on my bedroom. When I think about changing the color scheme, or moving things around, or adding a throw rug, a new comforter, etc., it does make me feel good. My challenge is finding time and money for myself. I am so broke and drained after taking care of my job and my kids. I know these are things that I need to plan out. I know it is important to care for myself. I have started a little garden on my patio. I have herbs and flowers and plants. It is small right now, but I am adding to it. I also obtained a very shabby chic rocking chair which I put out and added a very pretty blue throw pillow to cushion the seat. (the patio is covered). In the evenings I enjoy leaving the french doors open to view my work and my kids love to sit outside and do their homework. It is very peaceful out there. All this to say that I have taken some notes here :) and am trying to do peaceful and calming things for myself. It is small, but it is rewarding.

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