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Eating Disorder Recovery
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Eating Disorder Recovery Psychotherapist
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Tracy, no apology necessary. I understood your question. Coping skills are not what I'm talking about. Those skills come as a consequence of internal healing and psychological, emotional and spiritual development. HHH offers you a method to use to develop. The coping skills that emerge are often suprising. If you can't bear listening to the stories then something is going on about your inability to tolerate your feelings. It may be that you need to develop more sturdiness. But it also may be that you are working with a patient population that is not a match for you. Therapists specialize and refer when a patient is out of their specialty. Trauma, abuse, crime victims, perpetrators, relationships, parenting, couples counseling, anxiety, panic disorders, or by age: infant, child, teen, young adult, adult, middle age, senior, frail elderly. You may need to be more selective and choose the realm in which you want to work. Eating disorder recovery includes the essential work of learning when to say no so your yes is meaningful. Support comes in many forms. Look in the back of Healing Your Hungry Heart for suggestions. I list many.

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