Eating Disorder Recovery
Joanna Poppink, MFT
Eating Disorder Recovery Psychotherapist
serving Arizona, California, Florida, Oregon and Utah.
All appointments are virtual.


If you suffer from an eating disorder now or have in the past, please email Joanna for a free telephone consultation.

thank you for your response, Joanna. I appreciate the time it took for you to write this. I hope you did not think I was insinuating that you were a "fraud". I was just wondering if you ever felt like you were two different people. I did not realize you were already in recovery. So I guess I am left wondering if it is a safe idea for me to be working with acutely ill patients while I am not doing well. there are days that I can't bear listening to the stories, but I plug on because I have children and I have bills to pay. I have talked to my therapist about taking a medical leave and I have atleast a month of paid time. I just want to use it constructively, not just laying around the house. thank you for all of your suggestions and ideas about how to use your book. I have particulary good coping skills, except in this one (huge) area of my life, believe it or not. :) I would love to go to one of the two ED support groups held in our city, but I feel that I know too many people, both facilitators and patients. I don't feel I could share. Again, thank you for your response. It is helpful. Tracy

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