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Tracy, I think the salt cravings can be indicative ob an electroloyte imbalance? You made me cry with what you wrote, as I know that person who is always the one at fault, who is too fat, too ugly, too stupid, not worthy, and ultimately unloveable, very well! I also know it's not true...well most of the time thesedays, I know it's not true, I still sometimes have times when those feelings overwhelm everything else. There's a phrase "toxic shame", coined by John Bradhaw that might be worth a little look at. My personal experience has shown me that no matter how much I pick apart the past and identify where those feelings come from, they are so deeply ingrained in me that they still don't go away, they still re-surface. Maybe convince yourself to challenge those thoughts when they start to surface, maybe look at affirmations, maybe write down things about yourself that counteract those negatives and help you to see that they're not true, and keep them somewhere, where you can find them when you need them? Although it never goes away completely, it does get easier to convince yourself that you're not that person! xx

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