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Tracy, I could have written parts of your post. I've never made love sober. I haven't been sexually active since I put the bottle down. I had a male co-worker in a previous job swat my ass so hard that I almost fell over. He was the most unavailable man on the planet, but some part of me enjoyed the attention even though it freaked me out on some level. I do make it a point to make it to the doctor. At times, my food choices are so poor that I can't help but have a yeast infection. I prefer diflucan to monistat. I also like knowing that any fluctuations in my cycle are just a part of life and not some hold over symptom of my eating disorder. Now 2010 was the year from hell on the doctor front. My primary care physician's husband went to heaven and she moved to be closer to her family. My counselor took a position with a behavioral hospital and closed her office. My accupuncturist closed her practice. For a time, I had a gyn that was also a friend. We were able to talk in her office prior to my exams. She put me at ease as much as she could. She didn't leave me in the exam room to discuss lab results or give me my scripts. Doctors can be human and understanding.

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