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Tracy i am exactly the same!!- Don't binge but I feel fearful in the evenings and find it a huge challenge to eat in the evenings on my own.....I too took it back to when I started the ED - My mother stopped feeding me in the evenings when my brother left home- not sure why she just couldn't be bothered i guess- So I took this as a sign and froM then on started to not eat at other times too - So it could be some part of you is relating back to the abuse especially if it happened at night- It's great that you identified this as a trigger- must feel so powerful for you- so instead of being a terrible person- you are strong and brave for acknowledging this - Also congratulate yourself on how well you do during the day,then allow yourself to eat small in the evening- this is how i try to work with it- it gets easier and helps me to feel more in control of the situation rather the situation controlling me! :) Hope this helps! Janx

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