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there are some things I do "have" to do. I can't overlook my child's OT, my therapy, gymnastics and karate for the girls, my job...neurology, check up and dental appointments. However, I HAVE begun to "streamline" my calendar. I put my kids and their needs, and my "healthy" needs more ahead of, for say, excessive gym time, or time counting calories and keeping food journals obsessively. So in that respect, I have more time for the obiligations I have for myself and my kids that do center around the "biggies". I can't believe I only go to the gym once or twice a week now...if that. I was going so much I was constantly injuring and re-injuring joints. I am taking a healthy break from this and instead we go swimming in our pool as a family...something we do together. No, you didn't muddy the water at all. I actually have gained some insight into how much I have improved and recovered by writing these past two days. :)

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