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I think you got it. The "things" on your calendar can all be wonderful. Thinking that you can actually do them all can be influenced by magical thinking. A realistic appraisal of your energy and time will influence what you put on your calendar. Often, thinking about tasks will narrow your beliefs about how much time and energy each will consume. You may have three or ten things on your list and accomplish one or two. Or you may make staggering moves toward doing a little of all of them without a plan and accomplish nothing. You will feel badly about yourself if you do this. So, the learning has to do with realistic appraisal of what you can accomplish. That leads to streamlining and efficiency considerations. That leads to a realistic appraisal of your priorities. That leads to a rethinking of your priorities. As children grow some priorities change (except of course, the biggies - health, safety, security, abundance of love and encouragement). As you grow, priorities changes too. It's a challenge to keep up with your own development as well as the development of your children. Unhealthy habits do not get written down on calendars. I've never seen or heard of a person with an eating disorder putting binge time or purge time in an appointment book. :) Other unhealthy behaviors may not be so blatant, but they all take up your time and energy. And that means something else more valuable gets short changed. More clear? Or did I muddy the water?

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