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I enjoy this time of year because more than any other time, it offers the opportunity for my kids to learn how to give to others.  While the season could easily get out of control for us, we take the time to gather food for food banks, and pick out gifts off the angel tree.  I love the moment that I see my kids minds actually connect with the importance and meaning of what they are doing for others.

On a more personal note, I have been talking with my therapist about how worn out I am and how I need "me time".  She has been trying to help me understand that "me time" doesnt' have to be time alone. It can be time spent with the kids that is reframed into being a relaxed and enjoyable time. I guess it is hard to imagine time with them as relaxing at times, because they can be so challenging in their behaviors.  I have begun to notice, however, that if I slow down, they follow suit to some degree. So the "me time" has turned into time with them reading or talking about their day, and actually listening!!!!

It is nice to have realized these things as they help fill my heart that often gets overwhelmed with feelings of defeat. I have had a really, really rough year with my weight.  I have been on a medication regiment that has encouraged much weight gain. I am trying hard to figure out a way to get back on track. I am trying hard not to hate what is happening to my body. I do know that I am grateful that my mood has improved.  I am not sure that I can have it both ways right now.  Sooo, I keep trudging and try to remember what is important in life.

I am so grateful for this site. I have really come to love the girls that I talk to on the forums.  i don't feel so alone in my struggle. It always seems that when I am having my worst day, someone else is having enough strength to get me through. I try to return that favor whenever I can.  Joanna, I think I speak for everyone when I say how amazing your support is for all of us as well.  Thank you for creating a site where we can get advice and support in a safe, secure place.

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