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Everything goes better for me, mentally and physically, when I get a good night's sleep. For me, a good sleep is 4-6 hours w/out waking up. I struggled for 20 something years with only getting three hour chunks and waking up a couple of times a night due to chronic pain. Finally a couple of years ago I gave in to my doc's advice and started taking sleeping meds. It doesn't work every night but it sure helps. I do find that when I make a goal ealier in the evening to go up to the bedroom by a specific time to start getting ready for bed that I am able to take the time to do the kind of getting ready routine that helps me relax into sleep and I'm less likely to lay there and toss and turn. My hubby is a night owl so it takes great discipline to go to bed and not stay up with him and watch TV or do email or housework.

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