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Thanks Joanna

We used to shop/eat organic a few years ago, but as my children got older and I started to take on more and more outside of the home, it gradually started to slide, in the main because it was so time consuming, and I couldn't just get what I needed fairly locally. Coming back to it, it's actually quite disappointing to discover that shops seem to be stocking even less organic foods than they were 3 years ago, because there is less demand for it. (I've not even been able to get hold of an organic orange or clementine or similar citrus fruit this week, and have also discovered that to buy organic bread that is anything other than a white baguette, (I tend to buy seeded/granary/wholemeal type breads), is an 18 mile round trip.)

I seem to recollect some teething troubles last time though, and I will gradually figure out where to buy certain things from, and what I am better off making myself ...it's quite exciting really, and definitely makes me more aware of what I'm actually consuming.

Going off to look for the books you recommended now :-)

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