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So I have been offered an opportunity to teach a group of managers who manage Oregon state ran Developmental disability homes.  They have never had to their own HR stuff (hiring, firing, coaching, developing of staff).  For awhile I had talked myself out of it (wasn't given too much information), but this week I got more information and really had to ask myself why I was talking myself out of it.  I know it was a comfort things.  But "Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone." 

I have always said to my job mentor that I love teaching and helping managers.  Of course, I've always done that one on one, but if that truly is something I like to do, then why didn't I jump on board with this.  I realized that it's because this is my "goal", and it's totally fear of failure holding me back.  What if I suck at this, or I end of hating it?  Then I have find another goal and I have failed at the thing I've said would be perfect for me. 

But now my train of thought is that even if this isn't what I thought it would be, I won't know unless I try.  This is a 6 month project and I can return to my comfortable current job, so I really don't have anything to lose.  If I totally love it then I have gained so much!

It's kind of like a lesson I learned this summer when I went sky diving.  Fear could have kept me from going (and trust me it got close to winning), but I did it.  I will never do it again as the physical affects were too hard on me, but if I hadn't done it I would always wonder if I would like it.     

Thanks for the article Joanna!

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