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If you suffer from an eating disorder now or have in the past, please email Joanna for a free telephone consultation.



Eating Disorder Recovery
Joanna Poppink, MFT
Eating Disorder Recovery Psychotherapist
serving Arizona, California, Florida, Oregon and Utah.
All appointments are virtual.


Thank you for the warm welcome. For me, knowledge has been helpful in moving forward. I don't want to be stuck. I don't want to cause myself pain or give myself reason to punish. I don't want to punish others. There are plenty of days where I think--off with you ED, into the past you go. I don't need you. Look at me here eating like a normal person. Then I notice that I'm talking to myself internally, that everything on my plate is gone, that it's only been two minutes since we said grace. I haven't engaged in conversation and my children are annoying me because they are complaining or fussing with their food....I think I'll be around for awhile yet :).

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