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welcome Jackie. I know you will find Joanna's book helpful in your recovery work.  Like others have said, be patient. Recovery is not easy or fast.

I have many of the dread symptoms listed above. I think the inability to see a positive outcome is the most disabling part to this whole dread thing for me.  My depression plays a large role because I don't have the mental or physical energy to move in the right direction sometimes. To make things a little more difficult, I am being worked up for MS. 

On one hand, it will be a relief to finally know why I feel so bad all the time. However, it's not a diagnosis anyone wants to have. So right now I am trying to avoid letting dread settle in over this most likely diagnosis and wondering how it will affect me in my ability to be optimal for my kids and my job. I am a single mom, so it's not like I have a second income to fall back on.

I am also having horrible issues with my adopted 12 year old daughter. Our relationship is not going well and I fear the future and what it holds for us. I have spent many days in tears recently and i find myself avoiding even my closest friends. Dread. I just want to look foward to tomorrow for once in a long time. I know that stress will exacerbate my illness so now more than ever, i need to focus on recovery and mindfulness.

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