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Thank you Joanna, I'm just pulling out of a state of depression. I was aware I was being pulled down and I tried to fight it by figuring out what I was feeling. The problem was that I was feeling too many feelings and they were so intense! I didn't use my normal coping mechanisms of restricting (yah for me!!) but I felt like I was pulling out the wrong tools as they weren't helping. I didn't do too many courtesy acts for myself other then reminding myself to be patient, but even that lost it's appeal at one point. I don't think I criticized myself much other then feeling like I was totally unequipped to handle what I was going through and knowing it wasn't anymore then normal “life,” I questioned my recovery progress. A few days ago I finally decided that I wasn't going to identify every feeling but I just needed to feel uncomfortable. I'm feeling better already. Maybe I wouldn't have sunk so far down had I focused more on treating myself to niceties and less on analyzing the problem. I'm sure I will get another opportunity to try that out! Thanks for the wonderfully worded reminder!

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