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Thank you for this very timely blog. Riding on the tail of a significant period of starving myself, I have developed an overwhelming desire for all things sugar. I truly feel addicted. When I start I feel I cannot stop. So I guess not starting at all is key here. I have never stopped and asked myself all of the questions you asked yourself today as you pondered the scone. Eating the sugary substances takes me to a pleasurable place that lowers feelings of stress, depression, anxiety, anger, etc., (whatever feeling is present). If I want something, and hold off eating it because I am trying to be "good", I find myself thinking about it until I give in. What is it about walking away or not giving in causes me such distress? And how do I get thru this? I truly feel compelled to eat sugary substances. I was never like this before my period of extreme food restriction the past two years. Help!! I am not happy with how I feel physically and the scales are really not being good to me. Again, how do I pass by these substances? I could keep them out of the house, but my girls deserve a little treat now and then. They get so tired of eating "healthy" all the time (as they call my cooking). Any suggestions?

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