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It's good to be back and able to be back.  I told myself and friends who could understand that I was not "going" to Ireland.  I was "going through" Ireland as part of a soul passage and would come out on the other side different.

I wanted my experience to be part of a sacred soul journey, a soul cleansing journey with witnesses to commemorate the journey I've been through that leads me to this new place.

Please head towards thrive, Laura.  Survive mode is better than the alternative, of course. Still, as you become more of who you are with more freedom to act based on who you are, survival mode seems narrow and bare.

Not that the new stage is without challenges!  Every stage has challenges. The new challenges are far more preferable than the old ones.

Periodically I ask myself and my patients, especially when I or they are suffering with some kind of delema or hardship, would you trade these problems for your old problems?  How do you answer that question?

My problems and challenges today are far superior to those in my past.  These are the challenges that come with arriving at a new and more quality way of living.

When am I ready to come back to my blog is a lot better than how can I write? or what do I have to do and learn to create a blog? Or back further.... how do i build a practice?  ... or back further .... how to I get, afford and maintain a university education and go for license qualification? .... or back further ... how do I stop binging and throwing up?  ... or back further ..... how do I make a better life without even considering the possibility of recovery.  Recovery was unimaginable and not even a fantasy.

Please do keep going toward thriving, Laura.  It pays off.  :)

Thank you again, for your welcome back, Laura.  I appreciate your presence very much.


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