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Thanks Joanna

I am in such an exciting place personally at the moment, that I'm really enjoying any time that I get alone to reflect, as there is just so much coming out of it.

I think it's just that I worried that my girls expectations of Christmas and New Year are what they've always known - action packed and one long party, and that the contrast might hit them quite hard. But I spoke to them about it last week, and they were actually fine with it - they are looking forward to having me all to themselves, to play with their new toys and games with them and not be the cook, cleaner, hostess that's always wanted in 5 places at once. I've said that they can help to choose the food for Christmas Day dinner and that it doesn't have to be the traditional turkey and trimmings, it can be whatever would make it a special meal for them...so, hopefully, it will be different to usual, but very special in its own way.

Tracy, I love the idea of opening presents with love and care and appreciating the thought that went into them. I tend to let the girls go a bit crazy unwrapping their presents from Santa, but we save our family presents under the tree for later in the day, so that we can take turns to open them and appreciate them a bit more :)



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