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shh I hear you! I go back and forth a lot too, but my goal is to have the better days last longer than the bad days. Sometimes the issues that help me do better, are the same ones that suck me back into my ED whirlwind...what's that all about? My emotions fall easy prey to setbacks, so you are not alone !! Today has been an ok day for me, but as opposed to yesterday, not as good. I am struggling (yet again) with taking my medication...the one that makes me obsess less. I am working out more because I love the endorphin high and I know I am doing something good for my body. when I start feeling like you are feeling I try to think of what I could do to get back on track. sometimes it takes several days of practicing your plan to feel better about yourself. And I am only endorsing healthy plans here. Unhealthy plans may get results, but land you back where you are eventually. (I have to tell myself this too...like with the medication issue.) i hope you feel better each day! It sucks to have these issues doesn't it? Tracy xx

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