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I have had a stressful 10 or 11 days recently, problems with the my hot water supply and problems with my car too, and both have turned out to be those 'not as straight forward as it first seemed' repairs, and both are dragging on and haven't been successfully completed yet. I'm not exactly financially well placed to pay for it all either, so it is challenging keeping my ED in check at the moment.

I've not been able to get out and about as much whist my car is being repaired, but I have still managed to make some in-roads towards re-finding myself. I have been carrying a pocket notebook and jotting down things that come into my head or things that I see where I think "ooh I want to try that" or "ooh I'd like one of those". I bought a copy of a magazine that I used to buy regularly, but haven't looked at for 10-12 years - I wasn't sure whether I'd still be interested, but it turns out that I am, and it almost feels like I've been transported back into the person I used to be when I read it regularly.

When I look at the things I've jotted down, a lot of them are forms of self-care - the getting used to a regular (earlier than at present) bedtime, make time to file and paint my nails, buy myself a nice new scented foam bath, start swimming again, spend more time in the garden etc

Providing my car is fixed by then, I have decided to start swimming again on Monday, my plan is to go 3 times a week,and gradually build it back up, so that I can swim a mile again - I'll be lucky if I can swim 50 yards thesedays.

So that's me for now!

Thank you for posting the original blog post Joanna!


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