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quite a scare for me today. Had to see a doctor after having chest pain and racing heart. Spent a lot of time sick last night after eating foods my body isn't used to. EKG was normal, so I felt relieved by that. I really thought I was having a heart attack. Lots to think about here. Think I am anxious too. I did my best to avoid triggering situations. Guess they just hide in the background. One thing that concerned and upset me was that while at the doctor, and without my permission, my mom shared her concern about me not eating. The doctor asked me my height and laughed saying, "oh, she could looks ok, she could lose a few more pounds, actually"....I was both relieved to have my mom hear him say that so she can stop worrying about me, but also upset that here I am, fatiqued and with chest pain, but got the message that I should step it up a bit and that I need to try harder to lose more weight. I am trying hard not to let this affect me, but of course it is.

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