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Dear Tracy, My wish is that when you and other women have such an experience your find out not only what the pain isn't but what it is. Sounds like feelings of anxiety or panic that can contribute to what you describe were not discussed. Is that so? And, re: your doctor's statement, "she could lose a few more pounds, actually." Is that based on physical health considerations or the doctor's sense of aesthetics? I hope you and any other woman who finds herself in your position, don't go into retreat without thoroughly checking out the details of this experience. When a clinician says you need to lose weight or could stand to lose a few pounds, please find out the clinical basis for that evaluation. If there is none then the evaluation may be based on the clinician's personal sense of how a woman should look. You need to know the basis of a clinical judgement and recommendation like the one you describe so you can evaluate what is being said and decide for yourself what is right for you. Please stay present and aware, even when and especially when what is going on brings up your anxiety and misgivings.

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