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I guess I have always had some kind of belief that most things in life are possible/achievable, I'm not sure where it comes from, but I have always been the kind of person who never doubts that, it never comes into my head that I can't do something or something isn't possible, what comes into my head is "I need to go into that further", "I need to learn how to do that", "I need to figure out a way to achieve that"

I've mentioned this before, but my thinking style is on the whole quite useful... we used to have a hand signal for my way of thinking in therapy, as we never really had a name for it, and it was easier to do the hand signal than expend words and energy describing it, but basically it's sort of like a domino rally in the shape of a spider diagram, gathering momentum very quickly and sparking off ideas in multiple directions simultaneously. The downside of it is that I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by the volume of stuff I produce in response to a simple question or stimulus.

I also like to reflect and I am quite introspective, and I'm a bit like the child that says "why?... and why is that?...but why?...why?...why?..."

I also believe in 2 things that on the face of it might sound a little contradictory - one being that I just am, and everything just is, if I didn't sit here giving meaning to things, I would still, as a collection of cells, continue to tick along and exist, and the other is that life is a journey, that never stands still, it is constantly evolving, changing, and showing and teaching me things I didn't know before.

I'm a very open person, my belief is that everyone has something to offer, everyone has something that I could take something or learn something useful from. I am also a rather passionate person who feels very energised just by being aware of being alive.

More than 3 things, but  I think collectively all those things allow me to continue to learn and improve my life.


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