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At first I read these options and thought, " I can't answer any of these".  However, I began to rack my mind a little and was able to come up with the following, but first I would like to say that some of my answers would be better described as being due to nurture vs. nature. 

I have developed tenacity. I don't give up easily. I am working hard in therapy to resolve my abuse issues and how this has affected my whole life. I have learned that I can't change what happened, only how I react and deal with it.  I have begun to learn that my past does not have to define my present or my future. 

I am extremely independent.  I have been through a lot alone. I have dealt with my abuse and my ED alone - save therapists and doctors. I don't like to rely on friends or family for these things as they would not understand. Due to seeking help independently, I have found sites like this that encourage me and help to guide me in my healing. 

Love. My love for my kids keeps me learning and growing.  I work on loving myself - (a HUGE therapy conversation for me).  I think once I can accomplish the latter my life will really come together.

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