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PTC, i completely understand where you are with your mom and this pending visit. I hope that you are able to muck through it. Will you be able to post and tell us how you are doing? I have really appreciated the support i have received with some things that are stressing me, and I know it helps me to check in here. Boundary issues take a lot of strength and planning ahead of time, the ways you would handle any given stressful remark or event might be helpful. Perhaps if you walk right into these comments and remarks, you might want to set the tone of the visit by being firm about things said that are not helpful. I hope your parents can be receptive to the help you are receiving with your therapist. In the end, what's important is what you are getting from your therapy, and the fact that you understand what you are doing and why. This is hard for you, I know. I wish you luck! Tracy

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