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of if I MADE the time for me. I know that my mom had made some stinging remarks a few months ago - that I was neglecting my kids because I went to the gym everyday - and I think that is part of what started my reduction in gym time...I admit, I was overdoing it a little in going every single day...but my kids were having fun at the gym while I was there, so I hardly would call that neglect...they also were getting in some excercise which is healthy for them...that being said, I am so glad that I am beginning to get back into the groove of things. I felt less stress and I felt better about myself when I was running. I am going to keep it to 4 times a week this time around, I hope. I have been freaking out over some weight gain and I truly need to lose a few lbs by any standard...so I want to do it in a healthy way. I have been binging very badly since I started eating again, and the cycle has been hard on my body. Taking it one day at a time, i guess.

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