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Maybe this sounds a little harsh to myself in re-reading...didn't mean for it to. This is actual conversations I have had with my therapist about the strong feelings this subject brings up for me. I was attempting to share why a client may hold back from working thru these types of issues. It IS a very scary feeling to believe you may lose your mind if you allow yourself to deal with such strong feelings. It is very important for me to be able to express to my therapist that I feel this way. Saying "I would like to throw this water bottle thru that window right now" is sometimes easier to say than "I feel really angry because my grandfather raped me for many years". My therapist is ok with the verbalization of this expression of anger..she would much rather me feel angry than to hold it in. I never would actually throw a water bottle thru my therapists window :) And she knows that I am scared of "losing my mind". This is where her patience comes in to play. Other topics don't invoke such strong feelings for me in therapy. But this topic was about sex, and these are the feelings I have.

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