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Just got back from my 3 day retreat. My focus was on self-care. On the first day I found a large shell. I cut little pieces of paper and each time I did self-care I wrote it down and put it in the shell. By the time I left, the shell was full! Some of the things I came up with were: lighting a candle and incense for me (usually keept for a romanic evening....romanticizing myself), using my special lotion for my feet (usually kept for hands and face), lighting a fire to eat dinner by, tea in the middle of day, not judging myself or my recovery when thoughts of purging came up (& didn't act on them), coloring a picture, dancing to my favorite song......etc. I had a lot of aha moments from the books I brought, but I also had a good time being nice to myself!! Thank you for this post....it's the reason I decided to focus on self-care instead of problem solving (which I do way too much of!!!)

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