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Joanna, I've thought a lot about your response and I'm not sure I'm getting the message correctly. Are you saying that if I didn't have feelings of dissappointment in my friends for not coming to the concert it would have been a sign of a stronger me? I can see that in many situations, but because of my love for making music, isn't it natural to want to share? I want them to enjoy receiving what I enjoy giving and I'm thinking that might be a normal response especially since we do have a relationship. Now if I got terribly upset and mad at them, or depressed, or thought less of myself from them not showing up, that would be a sign of some issues going on inside of me, but feeling dissappointed (especially since I get turned down year after year) seems like a healthy response. But I'm not an expert in this field, so please tell me if you think my responses mean I have more work to do? This feeling stuff is new to me, but I guess I thought it was a normal, healthy response; maybe not. Thanks

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