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Joanna, I think the vision of your seminars is wonderful, but not sure how they would work...would you be going on an inter-state tour? or a World tour even? or maybe something akin to e-conferencing? Also there is possibly an issue in that the most vulnerable people who need the help the most are often the people with the least confidence to attend these types of things? Just wondering now whether you might have considered a video-workshop type thing, with say 4 or 5 women from different backgrounds, helping each to look ahead and develop ideas of the life they want to lead and how they can work towards it...and offering open ended questions and suggestions to the audience to help them to work towards their own plans - maybe make it available to view online as pay per view, or on dvd? I know this is a very rough idea, but thought it might be able to reach out to those very same people who lurk and read sites like this but don't have the confidence to post at this point in their lives?

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