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Joanna - I completely agree about the three things being critical to be able to doing the inner work. Tracy, I agree that it's not simple. Not eating for me means really bad anxiety and a muddy brain. It was much worse a year ago when I was severely underweight. My body would be begging for food and I wouldn't be able to think and then I'd forget that eating would help me think and everything would get worse from there. Even today at "underweight" have to be careful but now I notice the funny feeling in my head that I'm running out of fuel and I am more likely to remember "oh yeah, eating will clear up my head and calm my anxiety". Regarding the inner work, I'm working with my T on compassion. Being compassionate with myself and tuning in to my own suffering is something I am finding hard to tolerate and be with. For some reason it in hurts my heart and I feel overwhelmed. T says it could be grief or sadness for that part of me. I find it hard to watch anyone suffer and always want to help. When I look at my own suffering I feel panicky because feel like I don't know how to help and it feels so big. So I don't stay with it very long. I'm going to keep trying though.

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