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I was waiting to see your response to this. This has been pretty rough to watch unfold over the past couple of days. I didn't want to add to the comments, because it wasn't for me to get involved in. It did however, provoke some anxiety within me to watch this in an environment that is supposed to be safe and supportive. I think we all have come from homes where there was much discord. Atleast that is what most of us describe to each other on this site. We are all adults here on the outside, but many of us are still fighting the battles of childhood on the inside. I kind of wanted to just "go to my room", here while all this was going on. I just needed to debrief a little on my own. I enjoy the support of everyone on this site. I think that everyone has gifts to give, and griefs to share. I honestly don't know how I would be doing right now if I hadn't found this site. I have been able to listen to those of you ahead of me in recovery, and walk alongside those of you who are at my pace. I know I have been doing quite poorly lately with my depression, and when one feels that badly it can be hard to see the postive things that may be happening. But if I can step aside and put down my bag full of self-pity, I can honestly say that I truly am beginning to recover in many ways. I am eating better than I have in a very long time. My weight is stabalizing. I don't hate myself as much as I used to. I sincerely appreciated the friendships made on this site. I feel better now. Thanks Joanna, and thanks to all of you :)

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