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I think I'm doing a little better at tolerating my big feelings as at the same time the there's the familiar voice inside me that says "danger danger something really bad is happening" I'm starting to hear another a part of me that says, "oh this is a big feeling and I don't like it but I don't think I'm going to die". I admitted this to my therapist on Friday and we both smiled for a minute but then I had big fear that something bad was going to happen and I felt all needy and distressed. A voice inside me kept saying over and over, "don't leave me". For some reason I was sure that my therapist was going to somehow leave me. I wanted to be that little kid who wraps her arms around an adult's legs and doesn't let go until the adult agrees to stay. Then of course I had to leave him because the session was over. I must have some core belief that if I'm more OK then all help gets taken away.

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