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I liked Jan's post as well. I tend to push myself too far and get myself to the point of exhaustion, both physically and emotionally. A couple of months ago I was over-committing myself both at work and with my church, and my extended family. On top of all of this I was juggling a stressful full time job, extra-curricular activities for my children and dealing with my youngest child's newly diagnosed autism. I didn't see myself gradually going under until I was full fledged depressed and could barely get out of bed. I opened up to my mother after she sat down with me and voiced her concern over how tired I looked. I spoke with my therapist at my next session and decided to get rid of some of the extraneous stress. I was starting to recognize my emotional limits. I am very bad at saying "no"...I hate to inconvenience people or to "go back on my word"...however, I forced myself to put my church obligations on hold, dropped my youngest out of gymnastics for a while, and stopped being the mother who always felt compelled to bake an item for school parties. I allowed my friends to take the girls a few hours every now and then so I could have a nap, shop, or just sit and stare at the ceiling...I was very proud of myself for doing this. I felt immediate relief and was able to get my head above water again. Since then, I have been more mindful of setting limits with others. Again, my kids are my primary motivator because I want to be the best mom I can be. I was getting cranking and irritable with them, and that was not good. So this is a positive thing for me that has come out of pushing myself too far.

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