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I don't talk to anyone about my ED. My parents rarely bring it up with me, which is good because I get all defensive and stop talking. I am going to visit them next week. They're away for three months, I usually see them once a week when they're home. I get nervous when I go for this visit because I'm always afraid they're going to say something to me about my weight. Comments about my meals, or lack there of, are always made. My T is, and has been, urging me to talk them about therapy and EDs because they just don't get it. Last year they picked me up from the airport and stopped at Target. We were standing in the checkout line when my mom goes, "Your arms look skinny. Have you lost weight?" And the conversation kept on going as I tried to squirm my way out of it. It's uncomfortable and I hate it. I know I probably should try to explain to them that I'm not completely nuts for going to therapy and I should probably tell my mom that making comments about my body, regardless of what they are, aren't helpful. We'll see, I'm sure I'll say nothing. I'm gone for a week, I get back and 2 weeks later my T goes on maternity leave. :( That's going to suck.

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