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I am new on this site, so I am still figuring out my way around it. This sounds like a good idea, but... hard to choose... I've been dealing with this ed stuff for quite some time, and I feel like I am almost done, no more energy to look for this elusive recovery. What's worse - no more motivation. I liked the blog about Trey, but, answering some of the questions posted at the end of it, I can say that I do not see myself loving myself more than a puppy. I LOVE animals, I can cry over an abused animal, but I have no more tears left to cry for myself... I will do anything I can to help a suffering animal, but I do not think I can do that for myself... so, the reason I am saying all of the above, I guess, it to say that, probably, The Obstacles to Recovery would be my choice. I believe that motivation must come from within, but reading about other obstacles and ways of overcoming them will, hopefully, be helpful. So, I'd choose Overcoming Obstacles to Recovery

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