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Hi Shh,

Please remember, eating too much, too little, purging, obsessing about food all serve to negate emotions. If you are changing your patterns and honoring your body more then your emotional life will become more revealed to you.

This is not an intellectual exercise. You don't get intellectual understanding.  You get the feelings.
Just ride with them and your experience.  

It can be nice to cry a naturally felt cry when you haven't for a while.  Your body is letting go of the extra work it's been doing to deal with your emotional life.

Your body gets release and you get the wonder and privilege of knowing what you actually feel.

Give yourself time release, feel and make this your new normal. You'll discover your own natural rhythms.  Best of all, you give food to your body for nourishment.  You give patience, kindness and understanding to your emotional life.  And, you know the difference!  :)

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