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hope your weekend is going well, Jan! I have thought of you often as I have spent much time with my own mother this weekend. I am also wondering how everyone is fairing emotionally with the upcoming holidays. I think I am sitting better than at thanksgiving. I am determined to make Christmas special for my kids. I even picked at the gingerbread house we made last night, and licked some icing off my fingers a couple of times...my 10 year old really watches me and I think this made her happy. My family is trying to be full of drama, money is tight, the days are very busy, and the scales are not saying what I want them to, but I am trying to be ok. I enjoyed reading the 10 gifts for healthy body image and self esteem. These make a lot of sense and are very timely as stress and lack of self care help fuel the fire of my ED. Everyone should read this! Hope you all have a good start to your week :)

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