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I am amazed at how well I am doing despite all of the stress I have going on right now. My moms dementia is progressing and I've had her in the ER twice this week and and inpatient 3 days. I continhe to realize who in my family will be there to help my dad during this time. He's older too, and not in great physical shape, but cognitively all there. 

Some major changes need to be made in the structure of our families living situation. We are having a hard time getting my 37 year old sister and her child out of my parents home. She is free loading off of them and has no insight into how this is wrong. My parents income is limited and my dad needs me to move in to assist with the mortgage and to help with my mother. 

I am ready to do this. I feel I'm the best person for the job as I have a medical background. The stress is just in dealing with my sister and her manic bipolar anger that she gets when confronted. I have recently been doing quite well in my recovery. I am not manipulating my insulin/BS to rapidly lose weight. I was having complications which included a drastic vision loss which I am struggling to regain as my sugars stabilize as I am making attempts to do the healthy and safe thing. 

I say all of this because it was going back to basics and doing heavy recovery work in my Healing book. Journaling and doing exercises have helped bring me back to a better place. Reading other recovery books have helped as well. Also talking to other recovering people and getting my butt to therapy!!

It takes one day of letting myself go with the journaling and recovery work to fall off the wagon. I encourage you guys to really stay on top of your recovery work. I have read Joanne's book about 5 times...i learn something new about myself each time!

Merry Christmas and happy recovery!

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