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Dear Z, Welcome and thank you for your thoughtful and candid response. Dear Everyone, Thank you for these great suggestions. I'm still mulling but I think "Overcoming obstacles to recovery," "Inspiring Women - Inspiring Lives," "Creating a personal environment that supports recovery" and "Recovery issues raised in press, social media and private communication." are the four that are pulling ahead. I think it's possible to include family and parenting issues within almost all these headings as issues arise. I'm looking for titles that capture the needs of people in recovery AND give me lots of room for writing to the issues that will come up unexpectedly. Part of my job and part of your job too in living and in working through recovery issues is to expect the unexpected. Don't brace for it. Prepare for it. Welcome it. The unexpected will come. And.....plenty of the unexpected is pretty wonderful. Thank you so much for your ideas and for sharing your perspective.

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