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Dear Pat, Please forgive me for not responding to you post sooner. Yes, you are right. A slew of respected credentials cannot cover up or heal the wounding you experienced as a child or the shame you still carry. But you do have choices. The terrible news is that your situation is all too common. The good news about that is that the people in our culture are far more far more informed, understanding and compassionate than they were when histories such as you describe were shocking and unbelievable. You may feel shame and fear, but as you progress in your recovery you will be continually surprised at how you meet respect and appreciation rather than the criticism you have been conditioned to expect. Eventually you'll believe that you have a right to live well, without the protective fat, as your authentic self. Please seek out an experienced and mature psychotherapist who understands eating disorders. Do the deep work necessary. You have a lot of wonderful years ahead. Give yourself a chance to live them in freedom. Good luck. And again, please forgive me for not getting back to you sooner. warmest regards, Joanna

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