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It's so good to read your sharings. Some of us responded as the powerless child.  Some of us responded as the adult who wished she were there to stop it - as if anyone could have. Some of us responded as the parent,feeling that it was or could have been our own child. 

Some of us distanced ourselves from the story because it was too horrific to tolerate.  Some will remain distant.  Others will let small amounts of knowledge to come in as they develop tolerance.

Many are exploring their feelings and learning how to care for themselves, honor and protect themselves better than they have in the past.  Many are inspired to be more appreciate of the child within their psyche as well as  the flesh and blood children in their lives.

I was so grateful and appreciative of my life yesterday when having a full day of cuddles, Harry Potter, art making, dancing and gingerbread house making with the 6 and 8 year olds in my life.
Watching them in a group of other adorable children last night dancing the Nutcracker was joyous with a back burner feeling of heartbreak for the families who lost their irreplacable girls and boys.

Today I saw this article, this magnificent, courageous, generous gift and challenge that shows us a perspective from a different kind of parent, a parent who fears her son could join the ranks of the shooters.  To expand your heart, your capacity to feel and empathize and to address the question, "How could this happen?" I invite you to read this article:  Oh my God, don't miss this fantastic, courageous, moving and informative sharing - a needed gift to us all.


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