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clock wave lines pixabay                                                                                      waves, currents and time*

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal." -Albert Camus

Camus addresses the bewildering question of "What's new" when you are deep in the throes of eating disorder recovery work. Have you been stymied by this question?

What's new is that as you progress through your recovery path and develop more healing you expend less energy merely to be normal.more

But....this needn't be said. The best answer is usually a surface response like "saw a new movie" or "read a new book".

If you want a deeper conversation with a friend without getting into details, you can say, "Making progress in my therapy and am feeling more confident. It's nice." or "Making progress in my therapy. It's hard right now."

People who do not have an eating disorder do not appreciate the toll it takes on a life. They especially don't appreciate the pain and courage that accompanies real healing. But they don't have to.

If you have an eating disorder, then you know. Your therapist knows. And that's all that matters. Time is passing. You are full of mixed, harmonious and conflicting currents, waves and colors. You are more alive every moment, healing, feeling it all.

* I like this picture and how it relates to the ever changing movement inside you. Beautiful, isn't it?

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