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Each chapter in Healing Your Hungry Heart presents different challenges on your path to recovery.  Choose a chapter from the list below and share your experiences in the comments as you work through the exercises and consider your situation and your options.  Here readers and author can interact and support each other. (Include the acknowledgements and especially the Appendices. There's a lot here for you.)

Healing Your Hungry Heart: recovering from your eating disorder

"Dedicated to the spirit of life, joy and wisdom in all women."

 HHH Table of Contents



Chapter 1   

Unreal to Real: Snapshots of My Story


Chapter 2

Beginning to Free Yourself


Chapter 3   

Early Warning Signs


Chapter 4  

How do I Begin Recovery?


Chapter 5  

Boundaries: Challenge in Early Recovery


Chapter 6  



Chapter 7

To Eat or Not to Eat: Challenges to eating well or eating at all


Chapter 8 

Contemplations on Eating a Meal


Chapter 9 

Spiritual Depth


Chapter 10

The Great Terror


Chapter 11

Recovery Check-In


Chapter 12 

Sex, Stalking, Exploitation


Chapter 13 



Chapter 14

Trigger as Teachers: Staying on your recovery path


Appendix A 



Appendix B

Additional Exercises and Activities for All Chapters


Appendix C   Facts About Eating Disorders, Search for Solutions (from NIMH)


Appendix D 

Recovery Journal Prompts


Appendix E 

How to Find More Help


Appendix F

Recommended Readings and References


About the Author


Here you are free to talk about anything: what helped you and what didn't help you; surprises you discovered; emotions you discovered.

You can write about how you may have tweaked an exercise so it worked for you. You can also write about how working through HHH created changes in any aspect of your life and what that means to you.

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