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Lisa Davis, thoughtful, warm hearted and insightful host of "It's Your Health Radio, WUML," interviewed me about eating disorder recovery and Healing Your Hungry Heart.

      ... if you do not have Apple's Quick Time installed, you may listen to the podcast @ ItsYourHealthNetwork.com. The audio will start a few seconds after you click play.

Lisa and I spoke as friends who care about the real and often hidden issues in the eating disorder recovery journey as she asked how my personal story of bulimia relates to the recovery work I do in my private practice and through the pages of Healing Your Hungry Heart.


She read Healing Your Hungry Heart and honed in on the stories that touched her. They may be stories that also touch your heart.  I hope our conversation supports you on your way to recovery.

If you are on Facebook, you can find Lisa's program information by doing a Facebook search using the phrase: Its Your Health Radio on WUML


Please let me know your questions, stories and experiences that arise from listening to the interview.

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