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1200px Mexican yoyosYoyos can be fun, but not when that tricky up and down experience involves your weight. Many people get caught in the yo yo weight gain - weight loss experience yet feel they don't meet the various criteria for an eating disorder.

A challenging but efficient way to approach your eating dilemma is to keep a journal.  Every morning if possible, write for three or four pages. Write whatever comes to you mind. And if nothing comes to your mind


describe your room or what you are wearing or what you did yesterday. Just write.

Keep all your writing in a notebook so it's not scattered sheets, and date every page. Be sure to include your feelings.

Just do this for several months. Eventually you will go through your weight gain and loss and regain because that's your pattern. Then read your journal.

You will see how your thoughts and feelings change. You may get insight into what triggers your patterns. Once you have this information you will be better able to make your decisions about what, if anything, you need to place in or remove from your life (or both) to keep yourself steady and free from that yoyo experience.

If you don't get any insight, or if you get insight but can't act on what you know is best because your compulsions or anxieties get in your way, then you might consider seeing a psychotherapist.  You may have unconscious forces at work that are part of having an eating disorder.

*pix Mexican yoyo by Tomas Castelazo

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