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My self help eating disorder recovery book is in it's almost final form at Conari Publishers.  It is due to come out Spring of 2011.

How lovely to see this research today: Binge-Eating Treatment Found Cost-Effective Using Self Help Book.

In my training as a psychotherapist I was taught not to tell patients what to do.  After all, they are leading their lives based on their values, loves, goals, wishes and desires not mine. Yet, as a seasoned clinical with rich experience as a professional and rich hard won experience as a former bulimic, I recognize psychological and behavioral mine fields when I see them.


Writing my book gave me an opportunity to say specifically and clearly what needs to be recognized and done and why in many situations likely to occur in the life of an adult woman with an eating disorder.

Further, I know adult women with eating disorders suffer from a feeling of powerless that gets confused when they feel powerful in acting out their eating disorder.  Then, of course, they feel terrible and self critical for the flush of power and their behavior when they did act out. Yet, sometimes acting out their eating disorder is the only time that they feel empowered.

A self help book does far more than present useful information.  It gives the woman an opportunity to rally her commitment to herself and not ony feel, but be empowered and she follows guidelines that help lead her to her recovery path or support her as she follows her existing recovery path.

That was my thinking in writing my book. I want it to be a wise companion for the woman who is embarking on richer and more solid eating disorder recovery.  How lovely to see this research now when my self help book nears launch time. I think it will be so helpful to people who can use it alone or in combination with their ongoing treatment.



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