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Bodyshapes.svg"I have a butt but my boobs are gone.  Will I lose more curves if I work out every day? (I am eating healthy now.) "


If you had or still have an eating disorder we have to consider the mental and emotional aspects of the disorder as well as the physical before we can realistically respond to your question.

For example, If your need to control and influence your shape dominates your thinking, you may, without realizing it, overdo your exercise.

If your perception of your body is distorted you can't realistically evaluate the efffect your exercise has on your shape.

And, with a history of an eating disorder and all the stress that has meant to your body, your body may still be working to find its normal womanly shape. If you are eating well and exercising within healthful limits, over time your body will set at the shape that is normal, healthy and fit.

Instead of thinking about the body shape you want, it might be better to establish healthy and nourishing patterns of living. This would include a periodic outside evaluation of your eating habits to see if your version of eating healthy is in harmony with what your body needs.

Then you would see what your woman's body looks like.

When you say, "work out everyday" I wonder what you mean. You may need some medical supervision to establish just what kind of exercise routine is best for you.

Can you relax, exercise in moderation and allow yourself to discover your natural body? You might be pleasantly surprised at how womanly you can be.

As a Los Angeles psychotherapist specializing in eating disorder recovery I receive many questions related to past and current eating disorders. Please ask your questions.  I will respond if I can while keeping you anonymous. 

*pix  graphic with permission by author, Succubus MacAstaroth

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