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Hope for Binge Eaters

If you are a periodic or chronic binge eater, you want, need and hope for guidance to recovery and freedom. You need to be able to feel at least a few moments of safety so you can hear what realistic opportunities exist for you to ease your way into a more healthy and happy way of living.

Your binge eating is understandable. Recovery involves your developing new and better ways of coping with and satisfying your needs. Your  new ways of coping will improve your health and actually enhance your life.

The Jupdi Blog is running an article, Ideas for Overcoming Binge Eating with a title that give hopes and promise, but doesn't deliver.

The article describes the pain and suffering of binge eating.  If you are a binge eater, you know what you do and you know you feel terrible.

The article states, in the last two paragraphs, that recovery is possible and that binge eating can be addressed in psychotherapy.

But you have to wade through paragraphs of descriptions of your suffering.  You don't need that.  I doubt that many people will read through it to get to the hope at the end.

I wish the Jupdi article placed the last two paragraphs first. Often, when someone binge eats on a regular basis they feel depressed and unhappy with themselves because they can’t stop their behavior. The article leads with what you already know. You may not read beyond a description of your pain to discover the helping options. And you do have helping options.

See recovery options in blog post:

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