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The quotes are quoted because they have a ring of truth and resonate with many people.  That's why they are well known and respected.

They come from a mind, psyche, spirit, or heart that is different from yours. They come from another consciousness.  So when one or more touches you it is a statement of human depth that is reaching your awareness. You gain more or new appreciation of your own experience as the person from another sphere articulates what you are going through. 

Once that is articulated, especially by a respected voice, you are enriched in some way.  You not only feel support. You gather in the nourishment of knowing your experience is understandable. You evolve to a stronger and more aware position in yourself.

Shh, there are no errors in this exercise.  Pick what you are drawn to. On a different day you will be drawn to something different from today.  Trust your choice. And on a different day, trust your different choice.

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